" You know what I wish I had right now?

            No, what?



            I haven't had Razzles...

      years. - Remember...

            ...they're both a candy and a gum. - That's incredible.

          I can't believe they had them. Okay, don't waste a minute.
            It's been a long time. Careful.


            What are you laughing at?

            I don't know.

            Life. Timing. Being here with you, eating Razzles.

            I've had a really great time working with you this week.

            - Me too. - And everything.


            Hey, Matty.

            Tell me something.

            What color is my tongue?

            - What? - What color is my tongue?

            It's red. I don't know. Red.

            "Red" red? Or tongue red?

             Razzle red.

             - Show me yours. - What?

            - Your tongue. I showed you mine. - I'm not showing you.

             Show me your tongue. I showed you mine.

             - I didn't ask to see yours. 

            - Matty, I need to see your tongue.

            Razzle red.

            You wanna know a secret?


            You're the sweetest guy I've ever known.

            I bet I can still beat you off the jump.

            Whoever goes the furthest, the other owes a drink.

            - An Orange Julius. - Upping the stakes.

            And dinner Friday night at  :  ...

  the   th Street Diner...

  celebrate our redesign being chosen.

            Deal. One.

           - Two. - Two.

           - Three! - Three!

           Are you okay?

          I should've tucked and rolled.

          I'm getting old.

          No, you're not, because that means I am.


       - Hey. - Yeah?

       You got arm hair.

      It's never quite got that reaction before."
13 going on 30.
Um dos meus diálogos preferidos, que podia muito bem
 ter sido escrito por mim, mas foi só pensado, bem antes do filme, e depois também.
Recomendo pra quem gosta desse tipo, é um dos meus filmes preferidos de comédia romantiquinha,
por vários motivos, mas um deles é esse aquió:
Mark Rufallo! Ele não é só mega charmozinho, é um puta ator que vem ganhando mais espaço.
 Recomendo: Blindness e Shutter Island.
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